Hi there everyone...
Thank you for stopping by   :-)
I have been so overwhelmed by your emails,
and by your special and warming comments about my music.
Check out my new site at "reverbnation.com".
I have heaps of fans and many friends that also write and produce some fantastic music.
Have a listen some time, you won't be disappointed.
I am humbled by your overall participation on both "triplejunearthed.com"
(search for "Raw Material"),
and for your support on "YouTube", (search for "rvprospects").
I have some rushed video's on youtube currently from the recordings of my CD Launch
that I organized here in Newcastle on Sunday 13th November 2011.
I am also working very hard to get some professional productions up there very soon.
Costs the bucks you see, so buy my CD :-)
I am also overjoyed by everyone who has my CD.
They continually tell me how much they enjoy listening to it.
Every single time it goes on at home or in the car.
WOW !!!
That makes me feel very satisfied,
And that I have pursued this project for all the right reasons.
Continued joy to you all.
My thought for 2012.
Our music is always written about lifes experiences,
and it is our life experiences that always write our music.

(Regan C Venning 2012)
Eternal thanks to all of you.
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